MegaLabel Software

MegaLabel is a user-friendly, yet feature rich WYSIWYG label design software to facilitate and simplify label creation, editing and printing procedures for all industry sectors. Plus, it is a freeware and you can use it for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without paying licensing fees.

A few major features are listed below:
  • Simple, intuitive, and elegant user interface which allows non-computer savvy users to easily complete tasks.
  • Leverage cutting edge Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Support about 100 barcode types, 52 languages, and over 1000 label templates.
  • Support Unicode text.
  • Support roll, sheet and fanfold labels.
  • Support all Laser, Inkjet and Thermal printers.
  • Pre-loaded image and icon galleries.
  • Allow users to create and save any custom label template.
  • Support data source bundled with a CSV file and one of major database engines via OLE DB and ODBC, including Access, Excel, SQL Server, ORACLE, FoxPro, and dBase. A CSV and database configuration wizard is implemented.
  • Labels may include barcode, line, oval, picture, rectangle, and text objects.
  • 50%, 150%, 200%, 300%, and 400% zoom ratios.
  • The settings of the label editing area are configurable, they include grid line style, grid color, editing area background color, ruler background color, ruler fore color, ruler cursor color, label border color, and object marker shape, color and filling options.
  • Allow users to configure the maximum number of recent files and the maximum length of recent file name.

Please click the "Unblock" button in the "Properties" dialog of any .zip file before unzipping.
Download Installation Package (~6.69 MB)
Download PDF help file
Download CHM help file
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A few screen shots are listed below: