We do much more than just crafting software products - actually we craft customer satisfaction. Here are a few testimonials we have received:
"Our company has been using the MegaPipe .NET control for serial communications with ZModem file-transfer in our industrial applications written in VB.NET since 2014. Typically, we are sending and receiving data with eight or more serial devices simultaneously. Over the years, we have tried numerous other serial controls. By far, MegaPipe .NET control is the best one that we have used. Also, MW6tech support has always provided us with excellent and timely support. We highly recommend MegaPipe and MW6tech."
Bill O’Rourke
Business Computer Solutions, Inc.
Kilgore, TX (USA)

"MegaGrid control is awesome - solid performance, excellent documentation, and straightforward APIs."
Palmer H
Dow Chemical (USA)

"We searched for a barcode component to print DataMatrix barcodes from Powerbuilder and here we found that MW6 Tech had the best solution at the best price. We encountered some small issues after receiving their full version, but here their customer service was fantastic. We received a quick response and a solution to the problem. We are very pleased that we have chosen to go with MW6 Tech’s barcode solution."
Karsten Lillelund
Operator Systems A/S
Copenhagen (Denmark)

"Thanks for your tool! I'm looking for a simple QR Code Generator that can fit our internal office and publishing software. The MW6 add-on allows us to deploy a smarter solution on our business solution to enhance the scan process all over the company. It is very easy to set up and becomes indispensable to our business process now."

"We had to quickly develop a Zmodem interface to a legacy system for one of the biggest retailers in Italy. The Compact Framework version of MegaPipe .NET Class Library was the perfect candidate. MW6's support was great and helped us a lot. The solution is now in testing and will be released to more than 1000 sites in the near future. We recommend this product to all people that have serious serial communication needs."
Enrico Pavesi
Nexus Informatica (ITALIA)

"The barcoding module of our software has been running flawlessly since we used mw6tech's barcode libraries 11 years ago. In past we had to “draw” barcodes by our side and we dedicated too many hours. With mw6tech we got the solution in minutes. Thank you very much."
Fernando Cirera Moreno
Desarrollo de software
STI Card
Madrid (España)

"We have your product running on our production print servers in Aachen and Danvers, it was very easy to install, we changed our SAP spool setup from SAPlpd to SAPSprint to make the process more effective. We are using your product to print barcodes on our Production and Packing orders in both locations and are very satisfied with the product since we have not had a single problem with it so far."
Hans Stoltzenberg
IT Manager
Abiomed Europe
Aachen (GERMANY)

"MW6Tech was great helping us in solving a problem with our software. They adapted one DLL they have for generating QRCODE in old version CR8.5 reports, and everything went well. All contacts were quick, as were the changes in DLL, permitting us to make all changes with no trauma."

"Our company had a request to add ZModem feature into current release of railway system software and MegaPipe .Net control perfectly accommodated it."
Josip Planinic
Altpro d.o.o.
Zagreb (Croatia)

"As a growing small business, we were faced with the challenge of generating our own 2D barcodes quickly. The PDF417 2D .Net Control from MW6 was effective and easy to use, had good documentation and nice demo projects included, and their tech support was quick and responsive, even before we bought the full product."
Patrick Ashbrook
Systems Architect
CHC Wellness
Chicago, IL (USA)

"We work together with our customer Shin-Etsu Chemical to use MW6's QRCode font within Crystal Reports and appreciate their tech support, and I think their product and service should be recommended."
Kazuaki Fuketa
NEC (Japan)

"We use MW6's Bar code Driver to print bar codes in our SAP system. We are very pleased with the software. It’s very easy to implement and we hardly run into any issues. Their support is very good, they respond to emails very quickly."
Sridhar Nannuru
SAP Basis Admin
Tawa Supermarkets Inc.
Buena Park, CA (USA)

"From the moment I downloaded Barcode DLL for SAP R/3 to sample and after I purchased it, MW6's support has been great. I really appreciate the tech help I have received with your product."
John Bardon
Acorn Engineering Company
City of Industry, CA (USA)

"LUMEDX faced a challenge to quickly develop an interface client using a serial connection and applying a Kermit communication protocol to acquire implantable (Pacemaker/ICD) Programmer data for import into the LUMEDX Cardiology Database Repository system. We contacted MW6 Technologies, Inc. who had a component that appeared to meet our needs, they immediately sent us a trial version of the component which enabled us to develop our prototype in time for a concept demonstration at an Implantables Device convention. Due to the success of this prototype, LUMEDX purchased the component. Currently we can keep the client running, successfully and without issue, 24x7, always in a ready state to acquire programmer data when a pacemaker or ICD device is interrogated. Working with MW6 Technologies was a very positive experience, not only during the development phase of our product but the fact that they followed up later to make sure we were completely satisfied. Their product is robust and error free and their support is exemplary."
Lindsay Wright
Software Architect - Interfaces
LUMEDX Corporation
Oakland, CA (USA)

"Everything from the example code to the actual implementation went very smooth. Their Customer Service was outstanding, they even helped out with another code example when our requirements changed."

"In order to support the requirement of printing 1D and 2D barcodes on product labels, we start searching a barcode library that was compatible with SAP GLM. The MW6 library have integrated seamlessly into SAP WWI and the results are great. Simple setup and concise documentation. MW6 provided us full support even while using the demo product."
Alex Nunes Dalaqua
ITineris Consulting (Brazil)

"We use MW6's Barcode Driver to print barcodes in SAP R/3 for one of our enterprise clients in Japan, MW6's customer support staff is friendly and quick to respond and our tech issue was fixed almost instantly. My personal experience dealing with overseas customer support is usually slow, but this is not the case for MW6, they are fast and professional."

"Our company was asked to start to print 2D Datamatrix barcodes on the product labels for our biggest automotive customer. I have tested several DEMO versions and finally I have decided to use MW6 products, because I found it easy to implement it. The online purchase was also very easy and I got also the MW6 support to select the right fontware and DLL version. We ran through some problems during the implementation which we got helpful tech support quickly."

"We bought the retail version of PFD417 library and we are satisfied with the results achieved with the library since our enterprise will grow due to the possibilities of the software developed in conjunction with PDF417 library."
Daniel Zepeda Rebolledo
Universidad del Bío-Bío (Chile)

"I’ve always been impressed with the products and services of MW6 Technologies. I have always had tremendous success with their products. The technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful in finding solutions and promptly respond to any questions about their products. My goal for the company I work was to generate a report to make labels with QRCodes. MW6 Technologies has a great product for that with their 2D QRCode Fontware. It’s very easy to use and is flexible enough to work in almost any application. If you have a textbox, you can create a QRCode with the 2D QRCode Fontware. I’m very pleased with MW6 Technologies and I’m sure you will too. I’ve actually used MW6 Technologies more than once and I have always had success with them."
James M
.NET Developer
Remi (USA)

"We already used barcodes in our SAP with other methods, but printing frontend using Barcode DLL is also very nice and probably the only solution if you need 2D barcodes. I chose MW6 after looking through the possible alternatives, mainly because of the very clear and thorough tutorial. During my trials with the Demo version, I ran through some problems which I got support promptly. After purchasing the full version, I had some additional requests regarding the Turkish characters, and again the response was always immediate and precise. The product works very well and I am very happily surprised with the service I got for a purchase from the internet."
Aydın Robert Baler
Roma Plastik (Turkey)

"Our company want to print some barcodes from SAP using Barcode DLL, after trying the demo versions from all vendors, we decided to take the easiest one from MW6 Technologies. Having some problem to implement the "full" solution (special print server installation), we contacted the MW6 tech support, with some explanations, a real good tutorial, we quickly found our way and everything is going well now."

"I am very happy that I have purchased the MaxiCode and the set of barcode fonts. Our client is very strict in terms of quality. It was an easy task incorporating the MaxiCode ActiveX control and printing on the exact location and exact size. I had problem in getting the correct size but thanks to the support team of MW6 TECH. They assisted over the email and got everything right the way the client wanted."

"Our company provides consulting services for a large financial institution that uses MW6's DataMatrix .NET Control, MW6's tech support is quick and excellent, and we could serve our customer quickly."
Roberta Norton, PMP
Smart Solutions (Brazil)

"We purchased the QRCode ActiveX Component from MW6 company. The installation/registration and integration with our application were very easy and the operation of the control is stable and reliable, even when codifying Greek characters (UTF-8). The good operation of QRCode Control is backed by the excellent technical support of MW6's experts who helped us immediately and effectively in all matters related to the advanced management capabilities of the Component, through Visual Basic or Word VBA Automation. It is important to mention that technical support of MW6 exceeded every expectation, since they even provide Pre-Sales technical support for the Trial version of the QRCode Component. We strongly recommend cooperation with MW6, because you will get good Components as a "pack" of great and comprehensive solutions."
Theodoros Arvanitis
Software Development
FoodCare AgroData (Greece)

"Our experience with MW6's Barcode DLL for SAP R/3 has been top-notch, I am very pleased with the software. Their tech support is excellent, the tech guys are knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond, though we are located in South Korea."
Jaeyong Shin
TKDE IT General Manager
ThyssenKrupp Dongyang Elevator (Korea)

"We installed MW6's Barcode DLL for SAP as part of a SAP ERP roll-out in a newly acquired manufacturing plant, now it becomes a seamless, trouble-free part of our environment at all our manufacturing plants. While certainly not the only Barcode DLL for SAP out there, it has proven to be the perfect choice in our drive to remain a low-cost player in our industry and provides for everything we need with the minimum development effort."

"MegaPipe CF .Net Library is a very easy library to use in a .Net environment. This product has made programming in a difficult programming environment much easier. The file transfer portion of this library meets the needs of serial communication that is not available in the .Net 2005 APIs. The service of MW6 Technologies, Inc. was outstanding during the evaluation period. Any questions I had were sent through email. The response was very quick and answered with great explanations. The service was far superior to any third party vendor that I have evaluated. As a programmer analyst, I highly recommend MW6 Technologies, Inc. Their product is stable, easy to use, and their service will amaze you."
Faith Jones
Programmer Analyst
Dollar General Corporation (USA)

"We would like to thank you all for the tremendous and ultra-fast support to allow seamless code128 and QRCode font integrations with Crystal Reports on Chinese OS platform, your company is willing to go the extra mile! "
Saurabh Das
A CMM Level 5 Company
Mothersonsumi Infotech & Designs Ltd. (India)

"We are working with different barcode symbology and we needed software components that are easy to use with a simple interface, MW6's libraries provided that. Although we are based in Japan, we had no problem getting support from MW6 during Japanese office hours. The libraries are also well documented and easy to use. Overall we are very satisfied with MW6's products."

"MW6's Megapipe suite of products were exactly what we needed to help us quickly complete the communication portion of our application. We didn't need much support as the product came with sample code, however, any questions we had were quickly responded to by their support team."
Ron Vogel
OCR Ltd. (Canada)

"We are developing a new system with mixed language software modules which use Visual BASIC, PASCAL (Delphi) and Visual C++. The QRCode Win32 DLL, one of MW6's products, works well for this mixed language system without any problem. Their technical support is superb and I am very impressed with MW6's professionalism."

"Our experience was very good regarding both product and support from MW6 Technologies. The DataMatrix products worked well and support questions were answered quickly and in detail."