Aztec Font

MW6 Aztec Font makes Aztec barcode creation extremely easy for your Windows application, your appication can print Aztec barcodes using a font, Win32 DLL encoder and .NET Class Library encoder are available. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office.
Aztec is designed to pack a lot of information in a very small space, it is capable of encoding 1914 bytes, 3067 alphanumeric characters, or 3832 numeric digits. Our Aztec font encoder libraries are 100% consistent with the Aztec specification and extremely easy to use.
In order to help you to seamlessly integrate Aztec Font with your applications, we have the following links for you:
As a side note, since our Crystal Reportsí UFL DLLs are based on the latest .NET technologies, they might not work properly for some earlier versions of Windows and/or Crystal Reports (e.g. XP and Crystal Reports 9.0), please contact us for UFL DLLs that work well for those legacy systems.
Font name Height/Width of module at 12 points
MW6 Matrix 1/30 inch
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